Butler Gas Products Is Your Specialty Gas Supplier in Pittsburgh

Your interest in PurityPlus Specialty Gases is welcome indeed. Thank you! Everyone at Butler Gas Products is pleased to be associated with PurityPlus, the most extensive network of independent specialty gas producers in North America. We’ve achieved much success manufacturing superior specialty gases in our local communities to support local needs.

We’re fully certified by PurityPlus, which is your assurance that our specialty gas facilities are compliant with all PurityPlus standards for quality. We are third-party audited on an annual basis and periodically participate in training seminars in order to keep the quality high. The lion’s share of operations in our network are additionally ISO 17025-compliant.

All PurityPlus laboratories are staffed with local people who provide attentive customer service and thorough subject-matter knowledge to ensure that your singular requirements are met, your service expectations are surmounted, and you take possession of your PurityPlus® orders in the timeliest manner possible right here in Pittsburgh. Because, really, what’s the point of ordering a product if it's not in your hands when you need it most?

Equally important, because we‘re an integral part of your community, we‘re well aware that every local dollar counts. You’ll find that our products are reasonably priced – to respect your wallet and compete in the marketplace. You'll also find that we take the profit we receive and reinvest it in our people and our business – so the money stays in this community.

Certified purity, local availability, and local service: three good reasons why you can trust Butler Gas Products and PurityPlus for every one of your vital specialty gas applications.

Contact us online today or give us a call at (412) 771-7660.