Nitrogen Tank Blanketing in Pittsburgh

Nitrogen is used for many purposes in the specialty gas industry. Other than being used in food and drug preparation, it is used in the preservation of various (typically highly flammable liquid) materials. This process of preventative maintenance is called blanketing in the specialty gases industry.

For most tank containers there is headspace that, left empty, can activate the oxidation process for materials that are liable to this occurrence. To keep these properties in their purest condition during transportation and storage, high purity, dry nitrogen is used to substitute the air that typically inhabits the headspace in these tanks.

To restrain the amount of nitrogen that occupies the tank, a valve control system on the tank sets nitrogen amounts. The valve regulates to keep consistent positive pressure in the headspace of the tank. While the vessel is releasing its contents, there will be a significant increase of nitrogen to compensate the empty space.

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